It’s been a while…Since I’ve got the time or energy to write. I have tons of pictures to go through. In these past few months I have faced my biggest difficulties in work life. For the first time I’ve been thinking about work life balance. It’s been over a year since I was in lecture considering the issue, and I remember that I thought ‘how on earth someone would work that much? Why would someone leave their jacket on their chair just to make it look that they would be at the office 24/7?’ Just to realize that I do work like a maniac… and I can see that my productiveness is going down because of it. So the moment when I slept only few hours before my flight to Okinawa, Japan…and when I stressed over everything in there (work and school related) I decided that was the last time I do that on vacation. I’m not supposed to live for work, I’m supposed to work to live. For some reason after my trip and couple tips from colleague to deal with stress I’ve been better.

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How was Naha and Zamami then? Lovely, absolutely stunning. Zamami was beautiful, and if I would not have 10000 other places I’m supposed to visit I would go there again in summer for couple of days. That island was just so quiet, peaceful and nature presence was everywhere. We rented bicycles with my friend and drove around the island for the whole day… we stopped at beaches, points where you could see forest and sea… to miles away. For the first time in a while I also used my camera, and felt like I wanted to take pictures with it. My soul had long for some creativeness and peace of mind. I took everything I could from my time being in there. I didn’t have the opportunity to see the whales but next time, if I happen to be around Okinawa in same time, I will for sure go to one of those trips.

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Naha was like the opposite of Shenzhen. I had forget how nice it is to ask for help and you just get smiling face. I know it is part of the service culture in Japan, but I couldn’t help but smile. The contrast was huge, and maybe there is that little tiny Finn inside me who misses nature, quiet moments and fresh air (whoop, I said that out loud!). As part of the Japanese experience we decided to go for a capsule hotel, and if you go to Naha and want to sleep in one, I would recommend the one we chose! Stuff was super nice, they spoke English, but also Mandarin and Japanese (and who knows what other languages), hostel was clean and it was 5min walk away from Monorail (just perfect)! Only complain I have from this trip is that it ended too soon… I would have loved to stay for a longer time. And for the next post I try to come up with more creative writing.

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PS. Yes, I got fooled today! I just hate this day… ! And yes, I’m as easy to fool every single day of the year. April’s fools has nothing to do with it. It is the downside of getting excited about all the little and big things! At least my colleagues had some fun today!