I think it is safe to say spring 2017 is here according to the happenings of yesterday. It all started at 7pm when I met one of my colleagues in Nørreport before we walked to the Illum rooftop terrace (last part of that journey we used a lift). I was a tap early so as I stayed in sun for a while before the day turned into night I saw first public act of procedure you usually do in the toilets this year. Definitely sign that the weather is indeed getting warmer this was followed with a group of guys with bikes, beer and some imitations of a singing, or I think it was actual singing, but for sure if the birds started their singing lessons already few weeks back I think our race is following slow but steadily into the same tunes. I already dared the weather before I left the house and decided that it is time for leather jacket and heels and I survived so that adds on to this ‘Spring 2017 here now’ list.


I think terrace is already giving some hints of the lovely breeze of summer that is around the corner. There I was, watching Christiansborg palace when it was bathing in last sparks of the sunset. At that moment I saw a seagull flying towards our table…and in those few seconds I had time to think before this creature would fly over, I  had a thought that this is not looking good at all… and in that moment I just hear ‘splash’ and there it was, in the middle of the menu I was reading; a white pod 😀 I’m not sure where this seagull wanted to aim, so giving score on how well this duty went would not make sense as I don’t know the background of this mission. In any case, we were having sort of a farewell party for few of my colleagues and this menu was from Italian restaurant (Rossopomodoro: recommendation if you want a view, nice food and drinks) and as lucky I was to have the package to land on the menu, apparently it is also sign for a good luck. This warmed my heart when our waitress told this while picking up the not so neat menu… Yesterday’s signs were pointing at spring quite heavily one could say.


So, besides this awesomeness of spring being here and me being extra excited about it, I will also share few pics from Louisiana Museum of Modern Art which is a place you should definitely go if you’re visiting Copenhagen! I try to come up with a post of the museums in here after I’ve checked few more of them but Louisiana stole my heart and I’m now happily owning a one year card in there.



Helsinki, I’m in love with you

I just kind of decided that after work day and couple hours of thesis writing I could take some time to put some of my thoughts on paper. Or more precisely I wanted to come and show some pictures from past Easter weekend. It seems really that spring is coming and this city I thought I would never fit in has started to feel a bit more like home. I still have that longing back to Shenzhen and part of me would be more than willing to go and jump into new adventure but Helsinki, you have stolen my heart. I’ve started to find my way in the city.  So, I will just introduce Helsinki in light I’ve seen it in first weeks here. I will start with my new ‘home hoods’, I just moved into my new studio apartment in Punavuori and location is just perfect. Basically everything is in walking distance and if not, I can hop into tram.

Last weekend we had splendid weather in here and besides my thesis writing I had opportunity go and take some pics in coast of Eira. Coast is walking distance from my apartment and there is always something about sea, it just calms me, makes me feel more connected with world. Besides lovely scenery (including some little island you can access winter time through bridge and summer time with boat) there is cafes and little ice-cream kiosk so if middle of walk you feel to have that cup of ice-cream, it is there. Because I was more into breathing that weather in and out, I didn’t get my cup of ice-cream but at least I was able to take some pics. How does Helsinki look then with spring glasses? I tried my best to capture feeling of this lovely Sunday.