Bali Kind of a Vacation

Helloo from beautiful Bali!

This is most likely going to be one of those posts where I have nothing bad to say. This was one of those vacations you need every now and then. So, prepare to just read about awesomeness.


I went to Bali for a long weekend last week, and I can swear that it was needed vacation time for me. My adventures always start with an emergency, as it would not be enough stress to pack for yourself, due to climate change and bureaucracy I needed to pack for my friend too (Wechat phone call to Hong Kong, and questions like ‘where is your snorkel?’). There I was again around midnight trying to figure out, what I need to take with me to the flight on next morning. Though, packing is always a procedure before walking to the airport and then the act like you would have everything you need with you (now a days my plan before leaving is to check that I have a) passport and b) toothbrush). Rolling with those blades, singing in your head ‘they see me rolling… they hating’ (and by the way I forget to take my toothbrush with me).


This time, I got my first heart attack on my way to airport. I took a taxi from my place, and I did think that there must be morning rush hours but I wasn’t prepared for this kind of massacre. Usual travel time to Huanggang border is around 20 minutes, this time it took almost 4 times longer than that! There I was looking out from window calculating do I have enough time to get to HK, and to the airport. Sending freaking out kind of messages to my friend (who is one of the most relaxed person in the world, she forget to put on alarm on flight morning but she woke up on time and went to swim before taking the bus to the airport) in phrases ‘I’m going to miss the flight! We are not moving anywhere!!’. Of course I got to the border eventually, and I hoped into car in there and I was on time in the airport. Actually, so early that I was able to go and get the lipstick from MAC that I’ve been searching for ages (awwww yeah, as I would not have enough those…)


Arriving to Bali was just awesome, we took a taxi from the airport and found ourselves in beautiful Ananata Legian Hotel. As this was my first proper vacation in beach kind of resort I had no clue what to expect from the hotel. I’m so used to go to hostels in cities, and usually I don’t spend any time in those only sleeping. This was a full blown nice 4 star hotel, with a pool and really good breakfast (included in the room price!). As this wouldn’t be enough, it was short 10 minutes’ walk from the Legian beach. And the weather was just amazing, the whole time being. I don’t have any bad thing to say about the hotel, or the beach and because it was not a peak tourist time there was enough space to just hang with the group. So, what we did for the long weekend?

  1. ate well, the food was absolutely delicious (as in every Asian country I’ve been to)
  2. Besides swimming in ocean and pool, we did go to waterpark. Inner child was set on loose! (though when the speed was too much for me, I just went to the lazy river, that is a place to be)
  3. Shopping, I know this might not be the best way to use vacation time, but for me it is relaxing
  4. Wandering around in beaches, seeing sunsets it was just beautiful
  5. Spending the time with my roomies back from UK. You know, when you have people you’ve said goodbyes not knowing when seeing them again. Eventually you meet them, and you just continue where it was left last time.
  6. Going out, though I must to say that I rather enjoyed everything else in Bali than the nightlife. What I did love was staying by the ocean and just chill after the sunset in those big beanies.
  7. Some nice massages, and last of course taking photos! I’ve missed it so much so I was happy to have the time to do some photographing.


This was one of those relaxing type of a vacations, where you don’t have to think about Uni, or work or more precisely anything. I can warmly recommend visiting Bali, if that is what you want to do. As if this whole relaxation wouldn’t be enough… as we were boarding to the airplane our seats were changed, and all of a sudden we found ourselves in first class. Way to end a holiday!


PS. I created a new account in Instagram which is dedicated to traveling and this blog. You find me there with @miladyopri