Reasons why they call me a Finn

Finnish Independence Day is here (also my week getaway or more like fly to Finland and run at University week is coming). This means that whole Finland, and all the Finns living outside of Finland are glued to TV watching president shaking hands with Finns. Also, earlier this week whole Finland went crazy because we got tax money back. Well, of course couple months before this there is headlines about ‘who earned the most?’ and ‘Who will have the biggest mätkyt? (Mätkyt is taxes someone has to pay back to the government, because they haven’t been paying enough taxes during the year). This is then something that is talked in work places, at home while eating breakfast and there is lists in newspapers about the numbers.


Finns wants to know what is happening in their neighbourhood (read whole country, only 5 million people, you have to know everything…) and clearly because ‘winter surprises drivers again’ (these headlines happens every October… yes, it is surprising that snow is coming) is not working anymore in November it is good time to talk about salaries. Then after this, spring time is when all the forums and newspapers are full of stories about the fact ‘how hard is to pick up dogs poo and put it into a bin’, sometimes you just wonder… what is going on in this country. Latest news were considering using word ‘whiskey’ in a blog post.


All of this just makes me laugh, there is a reason why Finns have certain image abroad and nowadays I’m proud to say: I am indeed one of those crazy people from up north where we don’t have ice bears walking in city centers (well, if there is a place that you can call a city, I prefer word village), yes, we do love liquorice (not all of us, but this post is all about stereotypes so I will past this, this time) and yes, indeed education is free to everyone and equality is still rooted.

I must say that when neutral marriage law passed first round in government last week, my friends reaction to it in full train in one Asian country just made my day: she shouted ‘YES’ and after that started to laugh… you can imagine how people on a train reacted to this. After that my friend used Finnish extra cool ability, which is ‘how to hide so well that I’m same colour as this train’. I can assure everyone, even I’m able to use that ability.


I never considered myself too straight forward but while my stay in UK, and China I’ve noticed that I put myself sometimes in really weird situations because of my straight forwardness. More to say really awkward situations, because I’m really bad keeping my mouth closed when it comes to things that are really important to me. This leads often situations where it is not expected that I really do have an opinion about the certain topic. But what can you do, when you have taught since early age that (I have no clue how to make translation of this song but, topic is basically saying Those who keep silent are afraid):

Today, I will be glued to the TV like every other Finnish Independence day since I was born. Yes, I will post on Twitter about the fact how people are shaking hands with President (more importantly what they are wearing while doing it) and spend some quality time with my family eating some traditional Finnish food.