What is on the plate for today?

Pictures are from Disneyland Hong Kong!

When life hits you hard, you should hit back harder. You know those moments where you just want to tell the Universe that this thing what you’re going through is so wrong and unnecessary? Like, this is not at all what I ordered! I’ve never ate with chopsticks before, where is my fork?! You could stay there and lie down and wait someone would bring that fork to you or maybe try with the chopsticks. I’ve always had my issues with ‘blue eye syndrome’ and this week I got another lesson from that syndrome. I have the feeling I would like to yell; give that fork to me! Plus I didn’t even want to eat this cake (again)! So, don’t serve it to me.


I got my usual reaction to things, which is looking back to myself and see where I went wrong. What I did wrong in this particular incident. But this time I think I will try another way to eat the cake, or actually it is not my cake so I will leave it alone. It should be served to someone else, not to me.  Maybe for once it is time for me to look at the other and say, actually this is your fault not mine. Maybe this time I couldn’t do anything differently, how could I’ve known? So, instead of losing one of my favourite qualities in me, which is ability to go with the feeling, and flow with my heart open. I will just drop the bomb which is against all the self-helping books in the market and state that this was not my fault, it was the other person. See, I blame someone else on this (this is not highly recommended to all issues in life, just as a bit reminder that sometimes someone else might also make a mistake)!


I’m coming to some kind of a conclusion with this whole me jumping into things without doubt, and with the faith that the other people will do it with same faith and trust. Instead of ‘I will become ice queen, and everyone else will burn’ kind of thoughts after getting some hit because I’ve trust someone and it would not end up that good I will try in calm manner just be ‘too bad for you’. Additionally harsh fact for that ice queen: why on earth I would change something that could be considered one of my best qualities? One of the things I actually value, and love about myself? Not going to happen. There is too many ice queens in this world, and at the moment I’m just happy I’m not one of them (and I don’t want to become one). It took me quite a long time to realise, that this is the part of me that I actually do love. I hope this enlightenment will stay also for the next time somebody comes to me with a cake that I’m not supposed to eat. I can just make that quirky smile and say ‘actually that is yours to eat’.