Hymn of Life

Pics are from Yayoi Kusama’s In Infinity exhibition in HAM (the piece is called Hymn of life).

I just happened to have awesome friends (as everybody else) but I just have to shout it out today! Past week I’ve been experiencing one of my favourite exhibition experiences this year, when I went to see Yayoi Kusama’s In Infinity in HAM with a friend, she is someone who will always take me as I am even during those times when I’m running in circles (or when she is waiting me outside of surgery room but let’s not go there). This was topped by finishing my BBA and having couple drinks in Steam with someone I have not known for so long, but who has been inviting me everywhere this year and has made settling back to Finland a lot more easier. Then there is my childhood friend who just came back from Australia and besides the fact that she is awesome, she knows me as I know my shoes and other way around and she visited me couple days ago. How about a bit of my ‘listening her life story everyday’ ‘supporting her in any decisions she makes’ –friend who happened to had Birthday party this Monday, it is not appropriate to forget to mention me interrupting the date nights (basically always).


And it gets better, after accidentally saying ‘yes’ to a ‘proposal’ in Ateneum (yes, you read right, I blame a bit on it on Universe and more to the fact that if someone is talking in language I don’t know I tend to say ‘yes’ in that language, even when I have no clue what the other person said… Maybe I should start to learn some French) on Wednesday, I saw someone from China, or more like a Finn who is living in China and just here for the holidays. Of course I got a migraine and what happened is that she walk me home, and we chatted in a dark room… or it was more like me listening her and saying ‘mmmm’ but still it counts (I tried my best!). And I’ve missed her so much! Today I got a surprise from my friend who also happens to be my Chinese tutor (…my Chinese language skills are still limited but I’m learning), she gave me traditional Chinese cosmetics and I’m just happy I have someone who has the patience to teach me this language I really like but which I learn so slooooow. When I got back home there was a card waiting from me from my best German friend. It just put a smile on your face and yes, I would really like you to visit me soon!


Not to forget my childhood friend who I send a message whenever I have problems to explain Finnish grammar (thanks to her I know now that there are verb types in Finnish and it makes a lot more sense to explain them in that way to someone who is learning Finnish than my answers before: ‘it just is like this….’) to somebody. Although she is also someone who knows me so well and understands me because we’ve seen together so much since well that was so long ago even I can’t remember when we first met. I wish I have chance to meet you next year in other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Not to mention the group chat with my castle mates, it was over 3 years ago when we first met in the Flat 138 in Nottingham but we still keep in touch weekly even though there are some time difference issues as everyone is in different part of the world, it still means a lot to me having you guys around. And for all of those people in China, who I dearly miss and I wish I would have that teleport to give the ‘happy holiday’ greetings and hugs. Extra special mention to the best English tutor who helped me to check my language in my thesis and to ‘my boys’ well, just because you are so great. And I’m now getting ready to pick up my sister from the central railway station as she will be visiting here for the holidays. Tomorrow we will head up ‘north’ or more precisely to ‘middle’ to one of my favourite places in the world and spend Christmas with rest of the family. This year has been confusing and life changing but I was able to finish my degree and overall stand with my own two feet’s even when there was times I would not believe it myself.


So, I just want to shout out loud and clear how much I appreciate every single one of you! And you know who you are, I could not fit everybody into the story above but that does not mean that you are not part of the real story, the one that actually matters.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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