Heinola, Finland

I started to do some countryside sightseeing in Finland past weekend. I went to Heinola where I haven’t been in years, this is the town I grew up and soon as I got off from bus I was; ‘literally everything is still the same’. My childhood friend who is having holiday here in Finland before her return to Australia, came to pick me up (I could have get lost…or not). It was not as sunny on Saturday than past weeks has been but still fairly pleasing weather.

Heinola is like so many of those little cities in Finland it blooms up in summer and goes back to sleep by the winter as bears do back here up north. Everything around me was miniature compared to my memory of the place, like I would have caught the biggest mushroom in Super Mario Bros. 3 and everything around me would turn small and tiny. If I would have solely rely on my memory of the city, I would have picture it with a way bigger distances and all the buildings bigger than they actually were. So, how did Heinola look like? Here some bits and pieces from my Saturday visit in my hometown.



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